Our Playscapes:


The Natural World

Our Natural World Playscape offers a bug’s eye view of the world around. Developed to inspire curiosity about bees, spiders, and all creepy crawlers, kids can explore the secret societies that are busy buzzing in our ecosystems.

Family Kitchen

Kids love to cook! This Playscape represents a household kitchen environment, offering families a chance to practice preparing, serving, and eating a meal together. Family-style meals have been proven to have a valuable effect on developing positive family dynamics, beneficial to the mental and physical health of all family members. Workshops and messy fun will happen in this kitchen!

Seasonal Exhibit

 Children will explore and create in a new exhibit each season. From raking leaves and writing thankful cards, to throwing snowballs or dressing a gingerbread person everyone will find something to do. Stay tuned for spring and summer themes. 

Toddler Room

A Reggio approach to early learning this space offers areas a balance of areas to explore, to build, and moments of quiet. The room offers space for play groups to gather.

Healthy You

Health and wellness is the focus of this Playscape designed for learning about our bodies, animal care, and exploring the benefits of healthy living.


Light It Up

Never be afraid of the dark again. This Playscape offers the perfect little room for kids to discover the wonders and science of light.

Walla Walla “Many Waters”

Water is all around us, from rain drops and rivers, to oceans and streams. Children are invited to explore all things wet in this interactive Playscape featuring stream tables and dams.

Build and Move

The perfect spot to flex your mechanical and engineering talents. This Playscape is designed as an open invitation for children to explore the possibilities of how things work and what they can create with a magnetic physics wall, a climbing wall, and building blocks.

 Outside Adventurer

If adventure is what you seek, we have the perfect spot for you! Sail away on our ship. Climb into our fire truck. Wherever your travels take you, our Outside Playscape is a great starting point.